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Get 2 hours free access, every day, to the Nobis Wellness Center, with its pool, spa, and gym.

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Business Suites

34 M² 1-2

Travelling for work means you could really use a larger room for relaxing and working.

Our Business Suites offer you the latest technology and maximum comfort.

Several suites have a separate lounge area which includes a comfortable sofa for relaxing with the iPad found in your room.

Others have a special high-tech desk with an iMac computer, ideal for catching up on those meeting notes.

Room amenities

  • Free access for 2 hours each day to the Nobis center
  • Separate lounge area or desk with iMac
  • Furnished balcony
  • Large bathroom with double sink and view of room
  • Rain or waterfall shower
  • Nespresso coffee machine with capsules
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • iPad
  • Magazines on iPad in Italian and English
  • Apple TV 2 with games console
  • LCD TV with international channels
  • Multilingual films and TV on demand through Netflix

Relax guaranteed

a 2 hour pass each day to the Nobis spa, gym, and pool

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