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Discovering new things is an essential element for a truly amazing vacation. Exploring new places, fresh flavors, and meeting new people in a different culture, can enhance your trip more than anything.

At the Rooms Hotel & Residence we are happy to arrange visits and day trips, and share with you all there is to see around Tirana and Albania. Exclusive tours organized with our car and driver, to guarantee you the most personalized experience.


The birthplace of national hero Skanderbeg is one of the main attractions in Albania. At the center of this medieval town rises Skanderbeg’s fortress, from which the fighter directed his army to face the invading Turks. It’s worth climbing to the top of the fortress to take in the amazing panoramic views of the city. Close by is the Gjergj Kastrioti Museum which displays evidence of the first settlers. Before leaving, take a visit to the town’s bazaar and pick up some handcrafted wool and other typical local products.

Durrës (Durazzo)

This is the most important Albanian city after Tirana. It holds the remains of the oldest Roman amphitheater in the Balkans, Albania’s main port, as well as some lovely beaches and an atmospheric seaside promenade.


This town, now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known as the “town of a thousand windows”. At sunset, when the sun hits the rocky outcrop upon which the town sits, the windows of the many tightly-packed little houses all light up, in an almost magical halo. You can also visit the old Illyrian castle, the small frescoed monasteries scattered through the narrow streets, as well as the famous mosques.


Valona is one of the most popular seaside towns in Albania, just 2 hours from Tirana. Offering clear water, clean beaches, and a lively town, it can be visited on a day trip or, if you visit for a few days, you can stay at our Valona apartment with panoramic balcony. Ideal for spending some time by the sea while you’re in Albania.

Lago di Ohrid

A lake lying in the heart of Macedonia, within a spectacular natural setting. Lake Ohrid is one of the largest in the Balkans and considered to be one of the oldest on Earth. The clear waters create a mirror for the surrounding mountains and the small town of Ohrid, once known as the Jerusalem of the Balkans thanks to its many Byzantine churches.


One of the most popular destinations for visitors to Albania, Montenegro is known for its many cultural and natural beauties. It’s worth visiting the small seaside town of Budva and the capital Podgorica, and perhaps see the lovely town of Scutari on the shores of the lake of the same name.

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