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What to see in Tirana

Tirana has been the : through its squares and streets, and surviving relics which tell of its culture, its wars, and independence. And it is also the most dynamic and growing city in the country, rich in history with traditions being kept alive.


Symbol of the communist era transformed into one of the most popular museums in the city, this is the original underground nuclear bunker built for the dictator Hoxha and his military elite. It is a gigantic armed structure of cement hiding escape tunnels, offices, and perfectly reconstructed rooms. Today you can study original documents, art exhibits, and attend concerts.

Skanderbeg Square

the real center of Tirana life. Dedicated to the eponymous national hero who for 20 years defended the city from Turkish invasion, it was the central point of the communist regime. This is where official parades took place, next to the National History Museum, National Opera, Clock Towers, and Mosque.

Clock Tower

Or Kulla e Sahatit in Albanian, this is one of the best-known sites in Tirana. Built in 1821 and completed thanks to tithes paid by the wealthiest Muslims in the city. Damaged during World War II it was the first building rebuilt by the people of the city after the war.

Et’hem Bey Mosque

Close to the Clock Tower on Tirana’s main square, this place of worship is also one of today’s symbols of national freedom. This beautiful mosque, richly decorated with images drawn from nature, was actually closed by the communist regime until 1991 when the people dared to finally attend it, flying national flags as a sign of dissent and rebellion. This was the first step towards the fall of the regime.

The Pyramid

This structure was built during the communist regime to house Hoxha’s own museum. Today it acts as a youth cultural center, hosting events and meetings.

Grand Park of Tirana

Just behind the Hotel The Rooms lies this beautiful and sprawling national park. With many miles of trails for jogging and walking, and an artificial lake, this really is the green lung of Tirana.

Museum of National History

The rooms are organized to cover the entire history of Albania, from origins to today. Beautiful mosaics cover the facade and treasures inside include many archeological finds.

National Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Created in the middle of the communist era in 1953, this is still the largest theatre in Albania. An imposing building, it overlooks Skanderbeg square and offers year-round performances of folk dance, ballet, opera, and classical concerts. Ask our staff about booking tickets for whatever takes your fancy.

Blloku neighborhood

This is the hip area of Tirana, just a few steps from Hotel The Rooms. Stroll the streets and have a sidewalk coffee, have a dinner or aperitif in one of the trendy restaurants or night spots. Enjoy great daytime shopping during your time off at the various boutiques.

Monte Dajiti

Just a few kilometers from the capital is the Monte Dajiti national park, where you can organize hiking, biking, or horseback riding surrounded by nature. Even if you stay for a few days, it is still worth taking the "Dajiti Express" cable car up to the top of the mountain which offers a beautiful panoramic view of Tirana.

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